Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weird Mind Moment

Have you ever had this happen? 
Today when I got home, there was a note on the door from my little husband.  It said several things, but the thing I saw first was this, "Grace is fed."  Now that doesn't seem to mean anything except when you know that our golden retriever, Grace, died a short while ago.  But, just for a moment, oh so brief, this is what crossed my mind..."Oh, I have been thinking that Grace was gone, but I must have been mistaken."  And for just that brief, oh so brief moment, I was happy. 
It was a weird moment for sure.
He meant, of course, that our dog, Mercy was fed.


  1. Awww!!!! That's weird. And toooo sad. :( You know, I still "hear" my Fruff bark... :(

  2. He says Grace alot, but I hadn't seen it written...
    Have you turned Fruff's picture around to enjoy it yet?