Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday I was looking at Sue Spargo's blog.  She creates quilts and one day, after I retire, I will create a quilt...hers are lots of fun!  Go and have a look, but come right back!  One of this sort of quilt is for sure in my life!  Anyway, one of her readers commented, and asked why we feel the urge, the need to create.  I do believe that lots of people don't think they are creative because they don't create art or craft, but there are lots of ways to be creative...thinking up a meal to cook every single night for years!...thinking up cool names for your kids or pets....creating a peaceful home....creating connections between folks...creating space for people not like us...creating new hairdos...finding a new way to teach kids where to put punctuation...really, how do you get up and go through a day without creating something?  I believe it is part of the human condition and here's why I believe that. 
Are you ready?

The first glimpse we get of God, in the Bible, is of Him creating!  What fun He must have had creating all those animals and plants and bugs and fish and stuff.  I mean have you looked at some of those things?  Bilbys and lionfish and passion flowers.  We humans were finally created in His image.  We are creators at our core.  We are called to create and we feel most fulfilled and whole when we create.  I know it is my best me.  I know it is when I feel closest to the Creator.

What do you think?


  1. PS, I've always wanted to make a quilt, but I'm "afraid" lol

  2. I think I will start with a small one! And I like these because you don't have to have all those perfect lines and angles of more traditional quilts!