Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Day #5 - The Mice!

Today, I went to my friend, Misty's house to make mice...chocolate mice!  Have a look.
Start with a marachino cherry and melted chocolate....cover the cherry, but not the tail, I mean stem.


Pop on a Hershey's Kiss.  Can you start to see the mousieness?

Add two almond slivers.  And let me tell you, you need a lot of slivers to look at to find matches.

Sit them on half of an Oreo...I picked Candy Cane and Mint, for the Christmas colors, of course.  Put them somewhere cold to set.  The garage worked well today since it is less than 10 degrees outside!

Oooh.  Don't you just want to eat them up?

There he is.  Look how cute. 

Nestled all snug in their beds...wonder what visions dance in their heads.

And here is one lonely mousekin all alone.

So, there you go.  They were easy, not too messy and yummy!  Best kind of Christmas cooking.


  1. OMG they turned out WAY cute didn't they!!!!!!! Good work girls!

  2. It was way more fun with a friend, too! Might have one left if we have school tomorrow...might.

  3. Thanks for coming over and including me! I had a great time and it was a welcomed distraction to laugh as we constructed our mousey personalities!