Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coral Reef-Populated!

Fun Friday came the day after Monday this week since we missed the first three days of school due to snow.  Since I had planned to do a coral reef creature each day, Monday through Thursday, it worked out well to do them all on Friday, for fun!  I do believe they turned out spectacularly and the kids had....FUN!  They got to paint.  I almost never get out paint...too messy.  We had to wash out one shirt and I was still trying to get it off of my hands today!  Here they are with some of the fun facts they learned.

Sea Horses
Did you know they are really fish, they have no stomach and the dads have the babies?

Sea Stars aka Star Fish
Did you know they really are not fish and that they make their stomach come out of their mouth to eat their food?
Did you know they are 10 legged creatures that walk sideways and have an exoskeleton?

Clown Fish
Did you know that scientists think that the reason they can live in the sea anemone and not get stung is because they are covered with a mucus?  What is mucus?  Oh, well, like boogers..... Hey.  You have to put it into terms that they understand!

And here is a panorama of the whole thing.  Come and see it in person.  Really.  Well, if the next storm doesn't come.


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prettiest bulletin board I have ever seen!!! So bright and colorful. I love everything about coral reefs. I know the kids must love it. What a fun happy room! :) They are very very lucky.

  2. It is beautiful! I think my favorite is the crab, what a neat idea. I bet the kids loved the ship with them on it. You have the greatest ideas. I can't wait to see the amazing things your mind comes up with to do, after you retire. Your class is incredibly blessed!!!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! The creating it the most fun part of my job...well, that and hanging out with kids every day.