Monday, December 27, 2010

Kindle Love on the 3rd Day of Christmas

So, after a bit of trepidation, I (oh, I have to remember to keep saying WE since WE are supposed to be sharing this gift WE got each other) got a Kindle for Christmas.  I was a bit leary because I LOVE books.  I like the way they look and feel and smell.  I like the covers and the kind of type that is used on the pages.  I like the way the paper feels.  Books have been part of my life...a big part...since before I could read.  When I was little I had a bedtime and a lights out time, and then the flashlight under the covers time if the book was really good.  I can remember my mom forgetting to fix us dinner if she was in a good book.  I always travel with at least a magazine in the car and stacks of books and magazines if I am going somewhere for a little vacation (or weekend!).  Reading is part of who I am.
So, would I like a machine to take the place of my books?  Well, yes and no.  It won't ever take the place of my longing for a book to hold and ruffle through, but it will take the place of the stacks for traveling.  It is also very nice for reading in bed...stays "open" to the page you are reading even if you lay it down or want to put your hands under the blanket to warm them up.  It doesn't take up much room and as I am trying to do with less stuff in my life, this certainly gives the allusion of less at least.  Lessens the chance of the usual stack of books on the bedside table falling on Mercy, the dog, in the night.  I have already finished one book and archived it...somewhere.  They say I can get it back when I want.  I will need to be making it a little tote bag for traveling and safe keeping.  Something cute.
I am having a little Kindle Love on the 3rd day of Christmas.  Amazon gift cards will be the most requested gift for awhile...
So, don't be afraid to try something might be surprised.


  1. PS Karyn, I downloaded a couple of Jane Austen's books...they were free! I will give them a chance for that price.

  2. FREE?!?!?!?! Which ones? I SO need to get a Kindle. Or a Nook. I don't know. Maybe for my birthday. I'll have to drop serious hints. My hubby isn't good at gift buying...

    Give her a chance. If you still don't like her, it's ok. There are LOTS of good authors. Maybe some Bronte sisters? :)

  3. I believe I have Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Predjudice and Emma.