Friday, December 31, 2010

Half Way Ramblings

Although the semester doesn't technically end until about the 3rd week of January, for me, the year is half over after Christmas break.
If you remember, I had a bit of an event when I got out and put away all of the Thanksgiving stuff at school, knowing I would never need it again.  I was anticipating a similar feeling with Christmas, but it didn't happen.  Perhaps it was the rush of it all with so many snow days before the break.  There was just not time to contemplate anything.  And wisely, I got it all put away before we left...well, except for the Christmas books, which are some of my all time favorites, that I love to share with the kids.  We didn't get through them all.  Oh.
January is, for the rest of the world, the beginning of the New Year.  I wonder how long it will take me after I retire to switch from September being the beginning of the New Year...maybe never.  I am too old to enjoy staying up past midnight anyway!  Even if I don't have to get up early the next day.  I really do love not feeling like I have to do "something" to celebrate tonight.  Maybe this will change and I will someday feel a need to celebrate this night with special people.  Perhaps.
I am hoping, however, that I will continue to lean more toward the celebrating of more days, or even all the days, in some way.  Don't wait for Christmas to give a gift.  Don't wait for New Year's to reflect on your life.  Live each day...with all the words from the post and comments from yesterday...

This has been another nice practice retirement break.  I even got the dog child trained to sleep in a little later!  Here is my latest creation.  It is a cover for my Kindle...which I am still enjoying!  As are the furkins...Mercy, the dog, and PHiG, the cat.  (PHiG=Permanent House Guest...she wasn't supposed to stay.)

It slips right inside a pocket that completely covers it.

The button holds it closed to keep it from slipping out.

Thanks, mom.  You know I love to chew these felty things.

Just as soon as you look away I am going to find a way into this thing.

So, how are you preparing for the New Year?  What are your thoughts?  Hopes?  And just remember that you can be having this conversation with yourself at least every morning...if not more often!
Live abundantly!


  1. Again, you have such a way with words. I have truely enjoyed reading every one of your blogs. Please write a book. I did not know that you bought a Kindle. I remember someone telling you when they first came out that it was a MUST have for you. Boy, that must have been a wise person.

  2. TeeHee! Someone was right about the Kindle! Don and I got it for each other for Christmas. I don't think he has even gotten his hands on it yet. Thanks so much for reading and sharing with me.