Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow Day #3

Tomorrow will be our third day off!  I may be "graduating" later in June than I originally planned, but I still LOVE these snow days.  They always seem like a gift.  Unexpected, undeserved and a little bit decadent.  What's not to like?
So, yesterday, on Snow Day #1, I went to school and worked at least as long as I usually do, but there was no one there to distract me so I have more lesson plans than I can deal with for the time being.  I just keep changing the date on top of the page!
Today, on Snow Day #2, I stayed home and created Whimsical Woolies...a little more of that "practice retirement" plan.  Here are the 3 I worked on today.  The piggy one will be called, DREAM. 
He's dreaming, of course, of when pigs can fly.

The kitty one will be called CATNIP CATNAP.  That is real catnip that I dried and had to fight my kitties for.  I may redo the face and close the eyes altogether...not sure yet.

The eyes are usually a big part of my woolie creatures, but I'm just not sure about this fellow yet. 
I love that part of creating...the not knowing until you know!
The last one is an ornament for Stevie's new great niece, Savanna Mae, for her 1st Christmas. 

Don't you love the beautiful snow flake button in the middle.  I bought a small bag of them somewhere and really hate to use them, but for Savanna...and Stevie....
 A day well spent in my book.
What do you think?


  1. DREAM is super cute! I love them- that's a pretty sweet snowflake, too. Enjoy snowday 3!

  2. Donna,
    Your amazing! I don't know how you come up with these adorable ideas. I have to say my favorite one is the piggy. What a clever saying to go with it. They are all wonderful. I'm glad to see your using your days off to be sooo creative. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks, ladies. I took the eyelids off of the kitty and will change the title to Catnip Hideaway. I like him much better now.

  4. Love your work....Adorable!!! I'm painting stones on these wonderful Snowdays. Hate that others have to brave the cold. Lovin' it for us.

  5. Thanks. Is that you Saundra? I love your stones, too. I still have mine.