Friday, December 17, 2010


Today we did a gingerbread fun Friday!  Do you know how many Gingerbread Man stories there are out there?  Look at these....And I don't even have all of the different retellings.  Might have to think up a new excuse to buy kids books after I retire.  Hmmmm.

Product Details     Product Details  Product Details 

Product Details    Product Details   Product Details

So, after reading several of these, we had some gingerbread fun...made a gingerbread house, gingerbread snowmen, foam gingerbread guys and applesauce/cinnamon ornaments shaped like... gingerbread! 
Here's the evidence...

Making the ornaments...

Completed house.  I did the "glue" and they did the decorating.

They were thrilled to cut once and get 4 gingerbread snowmen.  Love teaching them something fun from my childhood.

 Look at the variety...all happy!

And as usual, the teachers have the most fun!  Icing "glue" and ornament dough....

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