Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I am home all alone.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  Wondering.  Enjoying....
Here is what was left of Christmas at school after the kids went home.  One lonely ornament...

The kids all took home about 7 ornaments that we made.  Hope they find places on some of their trees at home.  The gift that Stevie and I gave them was a stuffed ocean creature.  Ocean creatures since our theme this year is Oceans and Islands.  Here are a couple of the cuties:

There were 5 different kinds and the kids all got to choose which they wanted.  I told them they could leave them at school to play with, but each and everyone took them home with them.  Smile.
The kids got me lots of sweet, cute and yummy gifts.  Even Karyn, my Zumba instructor! gave me sweets...yummy sweets.  The Rachel Ray 5 minute fudge....well, let's just say I hope she can work it off of me next week at Zumba!  Here's the recipie.   Sounds easy enough and I can vouch for the taste.

  • 1 bag semisweet chocolate morsels (12 ounces)
  • 9 ounces butterscotch morsels (3/4 of a 12 ounce bag)
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 ounces)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 can or package of walnut halves (8 ounces)
  • 1/2 cup currants (a couple handfuls)
  • 8-inch cake pan, lightly greased with softened butter
  • Candied red and green cherries, for garnish (optional)
Place a heavy pot on the stove and pre-heat it over low heat. Add chocolate and butterscotch morsels and milk and stir until morsels are melted and milk is combined. Save the empty condensed milk can. Stir in the vanilla and remove the fudge from heat. Add the nuts and currants and stir in immediately.

Cover the empty condensed milk can with plastic wrap and center it in the greased cake pan. Spoon fudge into pan around can, making sure to center the can if it drifts.

The fudge will set up almost immediately. Garnish can only be added in the first minute or two that the fudge is in the pan, so work quickly. Decorate your wreath with "holly" made from cut candied red and green cherries. A wreath left plain can be garnished with a pretty fabric bow when serving.

Chill covered in the refrigerator. Slice the fudge very thin when ready to serve – a little goes a long way!

Mine was not in a wreath and was not sliced very thinly, but it was OH so yummy and it is all gone...well, probably just relocated to my thighs!

So, we have made one of our family visits and have one to go next week.  All the gifts are wrapped and I am relaxing and waiting for our Christmas Eve church service.  Carols, candlelight and's going to be great!  Hope your Christmas Eve is all that you hoped it would be.


  1. I love the Christmas tree in your classroom. Where did you get it? Or maybe you could leave it to a poor beginning teacher. Just kidding (kind of). Hope you and Don have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. You should have seen it all filled up. The ornaments show up so much better without all that green getting in the way. teehee.
    Don and I are looking forward to a few quiet days together. Merry (not quiet) Christmas to you and your boys.

  3. Hey, I am just catching up! Of course, I can work the fudge off of you! Haha...It's good, isn't it? What I like about it is that you can use any flavor combination of chips you want and any stir-ins you want. I've made it with half milk chocolate chips and half peanut butter chips. I've made it with all milk chocolate chips and different stir-ins like toasted coconut or toffee chips. (The toffee fudge is my personal favorite!) It is easy and yummy! Plus, it makes a great gift! :)