Sunday, December 19, 2010

Never Too Old

As I have been advised by my 1st grade fashion consultant, Minka, the hat may be too young for me to wear in public, but I will never be too old!  And neither is my BFF, Stevie, who is enjoying the cow hat I just gave her for her 61st birthday! 

Here's to hoping we never "grow up", only wiser with age and to laughing until we...well, you know!


  1. hahahaha This post is even better than the last one!!

    I read it to the girls - they laughed. Minka said anytime you need fashion advice, just let her know! ;D

  2. Yeah, OK. You tell her to watch out because we are going to wear them with her, in public, as soon as possible. I mean really. We were taking the picture in an above average eating establishment!