Saturday, February 26, 2011

100 Days of Kindergarten

Monday, February 21st was the day. The 100th day of Kindergarten! We have been counting up to this day from the first day of school (do you remember that we celebrated the Fabulous 50's on the 50th day?'s the link: We didn't get to do all the fun stuff we usually do because we had a 2 hour delay, but we still had some fun. This is another of those last events for me. 100's Day has evolved over the years, but I think I have always done something special since I started teaching Kindergarten.
We wrote our numbers to 100...they only have to know them to 20, but I'm an overachiever! As we were writing the numbers to 100 we also made a cool 100 Days crown with 100 stickers! But, I don't have pictures of them because they were too done up as 100 year olds. They took their crowns home to enjoy.
We ran for 100 seconds and did 100 toe touches...harder than they thought. Even me with my chubby little body can put my hands flat on the floor...most of them had to bend their knees to touch their toes. Zumba is good for you!
We made portraits of what we might look like when we really are 100 years old. I drew on the chalkboard as they drew on their papers. They did pretty well, I think. You should have seen their faces when I said, "OK. Good work. Now, wad it up in a ball." HeeHee. We needed wrinkles after all.

Still pretty cute even in their dotage.

We had cotton ball races where they had to blow the cotton balls for 100 inches. Intense!

See the Heart Warming blog about one of my little one's love beyond her years shown during the race.

But the most fun we had was dressing up to look like we were 100 years old. What a hoot. Have a look.

Yep. Check out the glasses, the shawl, the cane, the pearls...they are going to be great at 100!

Here you have the aging beach bum, the gray headed farmer and the woodsman.

She looks so cute, she makes me look good standing beside her!

The front and...
the back!

Great friends having a great time! We've got lots of good years ahead of us,
and it should go smoother now that we have practiced!

And off we go....


  1. An adorable piece of work. As you are, yourself. What a joyful brain you have, girl. 100 years of that kind of perspective could yield you a few extra years on the planet and a whole world of fun off it. So glad I found you!

  2. I feel the same way about finding you...serendipity? Not sure what it means exactly, but hoping it applies in this situation.