Monday, February 21, 2011

Heart Warming

This is just a quick story from 100'sDay while we wait for the pictures on the whole story.
While we were having the cotton ball race, one of the little ones who doesn't take losing or correction of any kind very well, lost...of course.  Major melt down.   When it was her turn to race again, we took lots of time re-explaining how it needed to be done to be successful...she was not convinced nor very interested in trying again, but it was that whole get back on the horse thing, so she got to the line and laid her cotton ball down.  She did much better this time and even won, BUT that is not the story.  Here is the story:  the little one she was racing against, ever so carefully fiddled about and waited unobtrusively to blow her cotton ball until the struggling child had advanced hers and she never blew hers hard enough to get ahead.  And she was good at it...I'm sure the other child had no idea she was letting her win because she knew she needed to win.
Wow.  Right?  Heart warming moment that brought tears to my eyes...can't wait to tell her mother.


  1. How precious!!! To be so thoughtful at such a young age. We could all take a lesson from this little girl. Thanks for sharing these stories, they are very touching.

  2. That's part of the reason I love my job...moments like these.

  3. More than just thoughtful, though. It's a special soul who can overcome her own need to win, especially when all the kids are caught up in the energy and the excitement. Who can see another's need and put it ahead of her own. That child has a deep spirit. Some of that could have been taught to her by her family, but at that age, for these things to be so evident, she came like this. This is a person of great quality. Watch her. Over the years. I am full of respect.

  4. She does come from a family with good strong faith, but you are right, this was more than just remembering a lesson taught...this is who she is...deep down in her core. I cried this morning when I told her mother the story. Her mother cried and her little brother asked, "Mommy, why do you have tears on your face?" Sweet family.