Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ain't Love Grand...In the Smallest of Ways

This is one of those "lasts"...the last Valentine's Day celebrated with a roomful of lovebugs.

Here's what I started with:

And here's how it went together:
Pretty white eraser signed with love from me.

Wrapped in pretty pink paper...

Tied with pretty ribbon and stuck with a cute sticker.

And hung on this cool tree.
Tomorrow they will get to choose an eraser for their very own and that is their Valentine from me to them!  We will also be doing fun activities with the classic candy conversation hearts.  It's math! (not contraband sugary snacks-you just gotta know what to call it...teehee)
If you love the tree as much as I do, you can get one of your very own from here...

Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you get to share a little love in your world!
One close up of a little love bug...sweet!


  1. Very nice. Very charming. And i'm wondering if they screen primary school teaching students according to craft cleverness - because you guys can be So amazing.

  2. Thanks! The kids loved the tree and not one of them wanted to "open" their eraser and leave it at school...all went home!
    I don't know how an uncreative person can do the's the best part for me!