Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seeing Thank You

If you recall, I posted about a grandmother and her grandchild and the mother who was having an event and threatening to come to school and take the child last Wednesday.  We made it through the day and the child was fine.  I talked to the grandmother a couple of  times during the day to reassure her.  We were there for her during a scary time.

Here is the thank you that I got the next day.
She knows I like buttons. 
Sometimes the thank yous don't come just like you might expect them to.
Keep your eyes and heart open. 


  1. I love buttons, too. What a great thank you.

  2. Yes, it was. I didn't know you were a button collector, too.

  3. Trying to catch up, here. I love this. And I just bought about 30 bucks worth of craft buttons. Am I nuts?

  4. Now I am waiting to see what all those buttons become!