Friday, February 18, 2011

Presidential Fun Friday

We had Presidential Fun Friday today because up until 3 days ago we were to have Monday, President's Day, off, but executive decisions have been made and we will be having school to make up for a snow day. Whatever. Now I will have Hundred's Day on Monday and all will be well.
So, we learned about Abe and George. Abe is a favorite with us here in WV because he signed us into statehood. The kids learned facts...but until the very end of the day, had trouble telling who was who from a photo/picture/drawing. They could tell you lots of facts, but then called George Abe or Abe George. I think we got it figured out in the end. Here are the cute photos of the cute kids in their cute hats for each of the presidents. Enjoy...
We also made necklaces with actual real quarters (Washington) and pennies (Lincoln). You should have heard their plans for spending all that money!

What can I say? Oh, well, I got my hair cut short, but you can't really tell in this photo, with the hat and all...

So, all this discussion of things presidential reminded me of two funny stories.
When I did this lesson with 2nd graders, that had to "show what you know" by writing about each of the presidents. One of them, that I still have hanging on my refrigerator, says this:
"When Abraham Lincoln was a boy he lived in a log cabin. When Abraham Lincoln grew up he got married and moved to a Gettysburg address. Then he became president. Abraham Lincoln never lied."
Don't you LOVE that??? To a 2nd grader an address is somewhere you live, not a speech.
Another time, when I was teaching 4th grade and we were studying the Revolutionary war we discussed how the colonists were taking on the best trained and equipped army of the time with nothing but clubs, farm tools and hunting rifles. At the end to "show what you know" they took sides and had a debate. At one point one of the "colonists" said, "We should get a lot of respect because we beat that fancy army using nothing but golf clubs." Evidently all clubs are golf clubs!

See? History can be fun! Remember to be proud to be an American on Monday and every day!


  1. Ride a cock hat to Bamburry cross to see a tall Lincoln upon a white horse -