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Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow or No...

I planned this week's Fun Friday to be a Snowy Day Fun Friday...February in Preston County...snow is a safe bet, right? Oh, no...went to school with about 52 degrees and rain! Snowy Day must go on. Stevie and I brought in lots of winter stuff to measure...skis, poles, sled, snow shoes, boots, shovel, ice scraper...and they did lots of measuring and discussing. Had it been snowy we would have dressed and gone sled riding and had a winter picnic and hot cocoa...oh well.

And then, we read the story, Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens...mittens being the wintery connection. But then we had the discussion after reading the book about why the kittens had mittens to begin didn't look wintery in the pictures. Maybe they just had cold hands/paws since they have more fur everywhere else. Maybe their mom told them they had to wear them. Maybe they liked what colors they were. Maybe they shaved all the fur off of their hands/paws. Ummm. Maybe.
We made little cat hats and acted out the story. I am always looking for quick evaluations of their acting ability so I can properly cast our Spring Musical. Oh, and they love pretending. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be fun, and they had a load of fun doing this little short story. Here are a few photos. I seriously have a great job!
We'll have to work on not turning their backs to the audience.
Oh, there are their faces!

Another set of, cast members.

This group wanted to be in "cat" poses for their picture...well, most of them.

You are smiling, right?

I go home so tired from these Fun Fridays...but it is such a good tired! Oh, and by the end of the day? SNOWING, blowing and about 12 degrees! Gotta love winters here in Preston County.

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