Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My First Time!

It's a FIRST day!  I went to Masontown to do Zumba tonight and since I was a little early I stopped at Shop and Save in Reedsville to get some celery to put in my mac and cheese for lunch tomorrow.  Now, I have on a denim shirt, tie dye T-shirt and zumba sweats...just so you have that picture.
As I am checking out with the celery and OK, fine, some chocolate milk to drink on the way home from Zumba, the check out baby boy looks at me and asks if I qualify for the 55 years old discount!!!!!  Now, remember, I'm not dressed like an old lady!  He's probably still wondering about me...well, no maybe not...I gave him exact change of 36 cents (quarter, dime, penny) and he had to recount it a couple of times...but, anyway, I looked at him when he asked, broke into a big smile and said, "Oh, yes!  I do qualify.  My birthday was just last week!  This is the first time I have gotten to be discounted.  Yea!"  While I am doing all of this effusing he is counting the 36 cents...again. 
So, the baby boy check out guy who has to recount 36 cents thinks to ask me if I qualify for the 55 years old discount....hmmmm.
After a moment of thinking I ask him if he is nervous when he asks women this question.  He looked at me and said, "No."
It was an interesting 3 minutes of my life.
Gave me a smile...hope it did you, too!
Ahhh.  Aging has it's perks, eh?


  1. MY first was a senior's discount card from Robert's crafts. But I asked about the age on it; it wasn't suggested to me. I see, looking back, that it's only been in the last three or so years that when I drive up to park in the visitor's parking at the university, they no longer ask me if I'm a student. Now, when they wave me through, I stop and say - "You're not going to ask me? That's not the way to make points. The way to make points is to say, 'Are you sure you're not a Freshman, ma'am?'" But most of them don't get it. Phooey. But if they're going to start counting my flipping wrinkles, I'll accept the discount, thank you very much.

  2. I'm all for being rewarded for living this long! Now, if they would just start to ask me if I want to impart any wisdom...