Friday, September 17, 2010


It really is all in the planning and evidently mine wasn't too good today.  You would think that after 30 years I would have a fairly good idea what can be accomplished in a day's time.  Guess not!  We were rushed from the minute we started.  The kids were mostly well behaved, but the lesson did not do them justice.  Today was the conclusion of my last unit study of the amazing Monarch butterfly, although we are still waiting for the butterflies to emerge and will celebrate with each release.  It was mostly about metamorphosis...2 examples of and one non-example.  They were all cute activities, but so rushed there was no time to enjoy them.   Aaarrrrggghhh.
Sufice it to say that no one told me that today was the best Fun Friday ever!  Ah, well.  There is always next Friday, right?
Hope you have a great weekend...I'm using mine to recuperate and rest very slowly......


  1. Can I come to your class? :)
    Sounds like fun!!! And you're right, there's always next Friday!

  2. Most days it is a very fun, however was more like survival of the fittest! You can come anytime!