Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kids Still Say the Darndest Things

These are just a few of the giggles we get every once in awhile:
When it is their birthday, I give them a paper crown to wear.  When I put the crown on one of my little boys he said, "Now you can all call me, 'My Highness."  What????
At the soccer game the other night, one of my little ones who is now in 2nd grade came up to me and wanted to know if this really was going to be my last season.   I told her I would be old enough in the middle of the year and she said, "But you won't quit at half-time will you?"  She's all about her sports.
On the playground today a little boy asked his teacher which she thought was taller and he was holding up one piece of grass.  Trick question???
And a couple of classics - When teaching a unit on parts of the flower and asking them to name them, one child called the full open flower a bud.  Hoping to lead him to the answer of flower, I asked, "Is there another name for the bud?"  He responded with a question in his voice, "Miller Lite?"
When a child gets into trouble on the playground they are often asked to stand on the wall to think about things for a few minutes.  I like to stand on the wall because I am old and it is warm there.  One day a little boy who was standing there to think sidled up to me, tugged on my hand, look up at me and said with awe in his voice, "What did YOU do?"
And even I almost always say I am graduating at the end of this year!
So, what darn thing have you heard a kid say?  Or maybe you said it....

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