Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Tears

Today was a good day after much praying and planning last night and this morning!  We started off with some reviewing and refining of always seems clear enough to me when I say it the first time, but often have to go back and say it another 3 or 7 ways until we are all on the same page.  Family building continued as we agreed to help a couple of kids by reminding them gently about recurrent infractions.  I also told them I needed help remembering to use a quieter voice.  I told them my throat was sore when I went home from talking too loudly all day.  So, all day one of my little guys would quitely pipe up and say, "Your throat, your throat."  Sweet.
I have a little boy who is sad all the time, or seems to be.  I haven't seen him smile or enter into any of the excitement and fun of the first few days.  Today was his unbirthday and when we sang our special birthday song to him as I bounced him on my lap and held him tightly, he laughed.  It was such a sweet surprise that I had to stop singing for a moment to clear the tears out of my throat and happy for him and for the other kids to see him happy! 
More happy tears:  at Zumba on Monday as we were dancing up a sweat and I was enjoying myself as usual, I was overcome with the scope of the many blessings in my life and I got teary eyed.  Ahh. I'm sure everyone just thought it was sweat!
What has caused you to cry happy  tears?


  1. I had a student today, a difficult one, come up to me after class. He told me that if anyone gave me any trouble I could just tell him. He would take care of it. Now, I know that I would never encourage another student to "handle" a problem for me, but his protectiveness took me back a little. After he left, I tried to figure out what I may have said or did to inspire such a reaction. I have no idea. I just know that my protective eyes will be keeping a closer eye on him. I've got his back, and, apparently, he has mine.

  2. Well, today I also had a cry of happy tears. My oldest baby ventured into the world of preschool. The night before I picked out a cute outfit, and made sure it was properly ironed. We read a couple of books, said prayers, and we talked about what to expect at school the next day. I told him about storytime and how to set criss cross applesauce. I reminded him to listen to his teacher, and to be nice to his new friends. He was very excited and was looking forward to playing on the playground. Last night I maybe slept a total of 3 hours. I kept wondering where the last 3 years have gone. I remember wondering if I would make it through breastfeeding, or teething. I did. Motherhood has been a true adventure and learning process for me. This morning I ran around getting Gabriel ready for school. I made sure he had a good breakfast. I got some really good pictures of him with his new camo bookbag. In the car, I realized I hadn't cried. Being the super emotional person I am, I was shocked. Then we pulled into the parking lot. The waterworks started. Gabriel said, "Momma, why are you crying?" I said, "You're just growing up." He said "Oh." I tried to pull myself together and walked him to the door. When I thought my heart was going to burst, Gabriel looked at me and said, "I got this, Momma!" And he does. I know every mother thinks there child is wonderful. But at that moment I thanked God for giving me such a wonderful little person. Gabriel is my little angel.

  3. The happy tears I've shed recently are mostly for my little buddy, Stephen. As I stood there watching him step up into the school bus for the first time and as it drove away with him looking at me I wondered where the last 4 years went. I prayed that he would remember to use his manners,be respectful, and kind to everyone because now its out of my control. What a great feeling to have all my friends say how wonderful Stephen is at school-running up to them to give hugs; yelling Connie's name down the hallway just to say hi; telling me he made a new special friend on the big playgroup-when asked what is their name-he said you know the girls teacher from last year ;). And then Miss Shelley telling me how he was "directing traffic" the other day at bus time.

    I often see the other side of him and forget about his adorable personality, his infectious smile and his big heart. I've been trying to remind myself that I truly am blessed with a great little boy.

  4. Well, you ladies made me have some more happy tears. I am so happy to know that there are parents and teachers out there who LOVE big. Shawna, your little guy is just the best. Hugs every time I see him...
    Autumn, I can just hear Gabriel telling you that. How sweet.
    Karyn, even the "hard" students know when you love them. What a priceless connection for him.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Just sitting here reading makes me cry happy tears. Seeing how far some kids have come. I LOVE helping, and just being around the special ed rooms. There are kids that have been in class with Keilan since he was 3 and I have seen them grown sooo much. These kids know me on a first name basis and I get hugs everyday I'm at school. It just gives me chills when I hear a kid say, "Hey Ms Kristy, did you see that? I did it, I really did it; let me show you!" Some of these kids are shy and don't open up to everyone. By the time they get into 4th and 5th grade they realize there's something different about them. It's nice to be that one person that gets to share there joy with.