Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Really? What? Hmmmm.

So today was one of those days sort of like you have when you are first dating someone.  Lots of hmmm?  Really?  What?  The kids just kept surprising me today....still looking for the way to put it all together, but learning some interesting stuff.
It was not a great morning...noisy and a wall writing incident that was later scrubbed off.  But, the afternoon was much better.  We are talking about sorting in math.  Had them decide on ways they could sort each other and they seemed pretty much into that.  Then we read The Button Box and I got out the buttons to sort.  With no small measure of trepidation, I sent them to their seats to hand out the buttons.  They were quiet, patient, and attentive...and they could sort!  What????
Next, we started our study of the life cycle of the monarch butterfly.  I read a book with great photos and then read the classic, Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Just so happens that I have a copy of that book in spanish.  For fun, I read it to them.  They clapped when I finished.  Really?????
Last, it was time for journal writing and one of them asked if we could put on some quiet music and turn the lights out.  Hmmmm.  What???  Really????  It was one of my boys!  We did and they wrote quietly for 15 minutes or so.
I just keep storing this information to be used for future planning.  I love finding out what makes a group tick and it is different for each and every group!
What do you think?


  1. :) It's so awesome when you find little things that work that can help accomplish the "bigger picture." Hmmm. . .I have some rowdy 6th grade boys who could use some calming music. Or, will they just think it's lame? I shall have to find out!

  2. Lydia informed me last night on the way home from school that Mrs. Lohr can read Spanish! She was fascinated. She asked if I knew that The Very Hungry Catepillar cam in English AND Spanish. No Way!!! Glad you had a great day. I love those kind of days.

  3. They asked for music and lights again today...and worked well with them. Yea!
    I might need to find some more books in Spanish. Today we just said some of the words from the book.