Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alas, No Need to Shop

In an all too infrequent attempt at housecleaning, I came across a Heinemann catalog that I have not been able to throw away, but don't really have a need for.  Heinemann is my favorite place to buy great books about teaching...how to's and why to's and the joys and frustrations thereof.
So, a good excuse to stop the dreaded housecleaning - look at the catalog!  It was heartening and sad.  It was heartening to see some of the books that inspired me for many years still being sold and new books by some of my favorite authors.  It was sad because, alas, I have no need to shop...notice, the verb was "need" and not "want".  A problem that I will have to deal with at sometime is what to do with all the treasure trove of reading material I have collected over 30+ years.  Great teaching just doesn't change all that much over the years.  It's still great stuff!
I love learning and reading about how other teachers make it work in their classrooms.  Anytime I end up in a school for any reason, I go wandering the halls and looking into classrooms just to see and get ideas!  Then comes the fun part...taking what I read or see and fine tuning it to work for me and mine.  I love that part!  I love that I never think that I have it all figured out!
Maybe I can get a job being the Dear Abby for kindergarten teachers.  I could go around to classrooms and help them solve little problems and share ideas...now that sounds like a fun job!  Anyone want to hire me????

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  1. Yes, but for 6th graders! My first yr of teaching AND my first year of working with adolescents (besides Energy Express volunteers) happens to fall at the same time. . .going crazy, lol.
    I am loving the Hayden books! Any other recommendations for when I get these read (like the summer of 2012 lol- not enough time!) ?