Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Wrote It All By Myself!

As we started writing in our journals this year, I did about 3 lessons with the whole group about how to write the sounds that you hear when you stretch the word out. The assignment for this day was to write about something that you love and I wrote the beginning of the sentence on the chalkboard. They mostly got to work by themselves and Teresa and I just go about helping as needed. All of a sudden Lydia shouts out, "Hey, I wrote butterfly all by myself!" And sure enough she had...a proud moment for both of us. You have to read around the head of the beautiful butterfly...

Another quick learning to write story from each of the last several years. It might be a different word each year, but the problem and the lesson are the same. I remember best the year Celeste came up to me in a bit of a huff. "You have just got to tell me how to spell hope, because I wrote all the sounds I hear and it comes out hop every time." Can't you just picture that face? The 'I have done everything you told me to do and something is just not right' face. This is the proverbial teaching moment. So, I explain about the silent e and then for the next week or so, everything has a silent e, but you always over generalize before you refine down to something usable. I love these moments of joy!
Want to share a moment of teaching/learning joy? Let's hear...

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