Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aging Gracefully???

On Monday, I walked to work. Should happen more often than it does since I am only 1/2 a block away, but anyway, on Monday I walked. It was rainy. I had my basket, my lunch bag and an umbrella. Just as I got behind the building...almost there...I fell. Dropped basket. Broke hardboiled egg in lunch bag. Got both knees wet, but didn't rip my new leggings! It was the first thing I checked. Even before I checked to see if anyone saw me...and totally whacked my eye with the wooden handle of my umbrella. A giant, well, you know, pretty durn big, bump popped up on my eye before I could walk through the Morgan St. building and into my Price Street building. By the time I could get to a mirror, it was a lovely mosaic of blues and purples with the aforementioned giant bump.
Now, you know how usually you fall sort of in slow motion? This time, there wasn't even any motion that I knew about. It was just, "How the heck did I get here?" Don't know what made me fall. Didn't hurt my toes and I just had on my Birkenstocks. Just dropped on both knees and the palm with the umbrella. Very odd.
So, aging? Yes. Gracefully? Not so much evidently. Good thing I am retiring before I fall on a small one or something.
Below you can see my damage on Day One and Day Two. Only hurts when you touch it...
And no one was watching when it happened!


  1. You wish no one was watching;) But I am sure it has nothing to do with aging!! I am falling like that all my life... Well, but anyway... at the end... it could be aging:)))

  2. Ha Ha! You fall because you are doing wild and crazy things! I fall because I am walking????? I might as well try some of your wild and crazy stuff!