Thursday, October 21, 2010

Next Job? CEO???

  Here's another quote from Half Broke Horses, about teachers. Her grandmother as a youngster was sent to boarding school run by the Sisters of Loretto.  She was trying to decide if she was called to be a nun or a teacher.  The teaching nun she was talking to tells her this...

"You have time to reflect on it. 
But whether or not you become a nun,
I think you'd make a wonderful teacher.  You have a strong
personality.  The women I know with strong personalities,
the ones who might have become generals
or the heads of companies
if they were men, become teachers."

Since I have started thinking about retiring and what else I might be good at or qualified for, it has crossed my mind that being the CEO of a smallish company wouldn't be all that much different from what I do each day...just with taller people.  The decisions that I must make in a day's work sometimes stagger me.  I deal with personnel issues, productivity issues, supply and resource issues, sales issues...seriously?  Is it that different???


  1. Ah. . .interesting thought. . .no AND yes. To me, the little ones are much more exciting and refreshing. I find the taller people stifling because when compared to the kiddos, they lack so much creativity and ambition- and humor! It might be nice to deal with less snot and zippers, though lol

  2. Ha! That's funny, Ashley. Another good thing about the short people is that they don't hold a grudge.