Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Faces of Grace

 Here are a few of the many Faces of Grace that brightened my life these last 7 years...enjoy.

Shark Face....she loved laying upside down and that always gave her "shark face".

Innocent Face....What's not to love? 

Tolerant Face....Mercy will miss her Grace...

Patient Face....
Grace and the Sweetest Pea...all of the cats always like to sleep with Grace because she was warm and would always let them cuddle up with her.
Grace and Skippy Jo Lohr who almost never even slows down...
Teacher Face....
Grace watching over the new Mercy.  She was Mercy's teacher.  We had to do very little "training" with Mercy.  She just did what Grace did.

I missed you, I love you, pet me Face....
The face that greeted me so many moments of so many days.

Resting Face....
She could curl up in the smallest little places.

And my very favorite photo of Miss Sofia Grace is this last one.  I took it this winter.  She loved playing in the snow.  Hope they have snow in heaven...at least some of the time!
God's Grace....
What a wonderful part of the family she was.  Hope you enjoyed seeing a few photos of her.  I enjoyed looking back at them.


  1. Oh, Donna. I only ever had one family pet. He was our Sheltie, Wylie. He became a part of our family when I was 8. We lost him a few days before my wedding. My parents didn't have the heart to tell me. He was stubborn and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your Grace with us.

  2. Wow. Wylie, lived a good long time! I can't really imagine not having a furbaby living with me. It has been almost never that I can remember.

  3. I tried to pick a fave, but I can't. I love them all and I can't look at them any longer because it makes me sad!

  4. Donna we loved the pics of Grace. My fav was the teacher face and Eugene liked the snowy face. These pictures prove it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Praying for you, we know how hard it is to have lost love.

  5. Connie, we are remembering the happy times and trying not to think of how sad it is to come home with our her greetings.
    Joan, thanks for the prayers....

  6. I totally commend you for being able to do that - I just can't do it. How is the kitty?? Or should I ask, how is Mercy?? LOL

  7. RIght now I would say the kitty isn't staying. Mercy just can't rest...wants to be friends and keeps getting her nose slapped....but, we are getting her checked and cleared by the vet today.