Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fire Safety Friday

It was Friday and it was fun! The theme was Fire Safety. We learned the basics, call 911, have a plan, and stop, drop and roll. They made a fire dog after reading a book and one of my little darlings told me she always wanted to be one of those. Not the firefighter, but the dog! She loves her animals...
So, all of that was good and it always goes by in a flash. The FUN was going to the Fire Department to visit with Chief Corky and the BIG trucks. He was great with them and they had a great time. Here are a few photos.

My last fire safety lessons and visit with a fireman....ahh. Good memories.


  1. Thanks, Connie for the pictures and for being our personal professional photographer. Can we just call you our P3?

  2. hahahaha Yeah, just call me P3! ;D You're welcome very much. Although, every time I read this blog I get sad...