Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bats and Spiders and Skeletons (and monsters), Oh My!

I love the colors of Halloween. I love the fun of Halloween. I love the TEACHING you can do around Halloween! I'm sad that we don't get to have our Halloween parade around town anymore....
But, back to the fun, colorful teaching.
We studied skeletons. I borrowed the life size skeleton for a couple of weeks. She wore a very rakish pirate hat and carried a decorative pillow embroidered with "Let It Snow". It isn't too soon here in my part of the world. We voted and named her Sunny. (I have no idea why that name won.) We touched her bones and found them on our bodies. They had a considerably easier time finding the pelvis than I did... :>)

We measured Sunny's bones and we measured and wrote the length of the bones on the paper skeleton they made. We colored them really cool Halloween colors and they are in the main hall for all the school to see. Aren't they cute?

After reading a couple of Ed Emberley's Monster books, we created our own monsters. They look just about good enough to go in one of Mr. Emberley's books to me. What do you think? Next, this week's writing group wrote descriptions of their monsters. We put them in the hallway with a challenge for passers-by to find the monster that is described. The big kids are enjoying this.

Fun Friday was all about Bats and Spiders...bat hats and spider bracelets. See?

The evaluation for this activity...must always have evaluation...was to give facts that they learned while in their groups about each of the creatures and put them all on a poster to go out in the hallway for the big kids to enjoy also. See?

Now, here's the funny thing that happened this week. Maybe you had to be there, but it had me doubled over laughing. So, we were talking about the pelvis and they were all sitting on the carpet next to Sunny and I said, "See? This is the pelvis and..." One of the little darlings, I don't even know who, piped up, but almost like they were just talking to themselves, and said, "Oh, like Pelvis and the Chipmunks." What? Seriously? I just lost it! What a great job....
How do you even interpret that?
And I survived my last "Fall" party...not everyone loves Halloween as much as I do evidently...

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