Friday, October 8, 2010

Aging, but Not Over the Hill

Last night I went to a concert...on a Morgantown...that started at 7:00...with 3 bands!  I went with my friends, Stevie and Larry.  (My little husband had to work.)
So, we walk in right at the time for the show to start and as I look around, I ask Stevie if we signed up to be chaperones sometime and I didn't know about it????  Seriously.  Now, I knew the band members were young, but I really like their music and the lyrics really speak to me...I did not know it was going to be a ROCK concert!  I have the CD.  It is NOT a loud rock style....just isn't!
So, even though we had tickets in the Artist's Circle (which evidently entitled us to come an hour early and meet the band, but no one told me about) and could have had seats up front, we chose the seats at the back of the auditorium and it was still plenty LOUD!
Fortunately they usually put the words up on a screen in front, so even though I couldn't actually understand what they were saying, I could sing along as loudly as I wanted to.  And I wanted to sing along really loudly.  That was fun!  A little weird since I couldn't even hear myself...and am seriously hoping that no one else could hear me either.  Yes.  Definitely fun.
So, the really Good News was that this was a Christian concert and it was filled with young people...teens to college age!  Kids with a passion.  Kids willing to be public about their faith.  And there were a few of us old farts in the crowd to show our support.  Or maybe we were just trying to be cool.  :)
All in all it was a fun evening and I even bought the new CD, which also isn't loud...even though almost all of the songs from the show that are on the CD were...LOUD.  I want you to listen to this song.  It was the reason that I wanted to go to the concert...sounds safe, right?  And great lyrics.  It was a great evening, and powerful, when all is said and done...Hope you enjoy the song.  The other two groups were Matt Maher and Addison Road if you want to check them out.  Really enjoyed Matt Maher, too.

Aging, but not over the hill, yet.  Going to see Mary Chapin Carpenter on Sunday.  Shouldn't need earplugs for that one!


  1. I like all of these groups- I'm hoping to take our youth to Ichthus Music Festival in the summer, and they'd get to see them, too!

    And Mary Chapin Carpenter is incredible. :-)

  2. It was an amazing concert. The Thursday night one more so than MCC even. Lots of us old farts at MCC! Lots of in and out for bathroom breaks and several leaving early...:>)
    I have heard that Icthus is amazing.