Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coming Together

 We had school pictures taken on Wednesday...another last for me...and while they were all "gussied up" I wanted to take a photo of them.  I really wanted to show how much living they do in a day by taking a before (morning) and after (afternoon) photo.  Well, I got the before and then some of that living got in the way and I never got the afternoon photos, but the real story anyway, is that when I started taking their photos, they each decided on their own, to get cozy with their partners for the photo.  We are coming together as a group who cares about each other....ahhh.  That is such a big part of my job.  Don't they look sweet?

And when I saw that 2 of my lovies from last year were dressed almost like me I had to have a couple of photos of us getting cozy, too.

Stevie and I had our picture taken together by the photographer so we can put it on the table at our "graduation" party.  :>)   You'll have to wait to see that one!  And you should start collecting photos you have of the two of us over lo these MANY years...we'll put yours on the table, too!

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