Monday, August 30, 2010

Magical Monday

We had our first inkling of the possibility of creating and living in the World of We today....
Mid-afternoon, in our sauna of a classroom, after having gone through about a box of kleenex between us (allergies?), one of them said, "We (not I) are being pretty good today, huh?" Ahhh. Yes. It's the little came in from the bathroom with his pants all in a twist and a big smile on his face..."I got my pants pulled up all by myself!" Earlier in the morning not being able to had caused a screaming fit.
These are the magic moments that sustain the soul of a teacher. Just one of these overrides many, many tattles and whines.
We are going to be a WE. More hugs are on tap.
When I thought this morning that this is only the 2nd week with these wee darlings I was amazed anew at how far we have come already. Seems like they have been my class for a much longer time They have to learn so much in this one year, socially and academically...things that will see them through the rest of their life. I think it is time to get out, and re-read, All I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten. Anyone have a copy?
I wonder if I could add a line? Ain't nobody happy if the Queen isn't happy!
What would you add?


  1. That friendship and working together are more important than we realize. I'll never forget my awesome friend who helped me tie my shoes until I learned how :) lol

  2. That's right...lifelong skills! And friendships.

  3. Just think...Remember my one who was all excited when he was able to pull his pants down in class because he was hot? Can't believe the difference in the things that kindergarten and middle schoolers find as an accomplishment!

  4. TeeHee! I just cannot imagine what I would do in that situation! That's why you teach middle school and I don't!