Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Days Left: Little Red Riding Hood-the Musical

Today was all about "The Show".  We have been practicing since the end of April, with 2 a days for the last week.  They knew their lines (and everyone else's), where to stand and when...mostly.  Yesterday I had them practice without me saying anything (and I mostly made it) since I might be sick and not able to come to the show.  They made it through with very few difficulties and I began to breathe easier...a lot easier.
They did such a wonderful job for the dress rehearsal this morning (in front of a room full of 4th, 5th and 2nd graders) that I was afraid they had peaked too early.  But the show in front of the parents went just as spectacularly!  Well, after they got those silly nervous smiles off their faces and quit waving at all their people.  Only one little girl didn't have anyone and truth be told, she is so used to her mom not being there for her that she was thrilled when she got a special grandma for the day.
Here is scene 1's scenery as I drew it and then as the parents painted it.  You'll see scene 2 in the show photos.

We had a vote to see whose design would be used for the cover of the program,
but everyone got to color and put their name on a few.

Here we are in costume, lined up and waiting for the final show....
OK.  Enough.  On with the show!

"And soon all of her friends were calling her, Little Red Riding Hood"

"But, mom, I can take the cookies to Grandma all by myself. 
I know the way."
LRRH with some attitude.
All of her animal friends tried to convince her to play hide and seek.
"Grandma's not feeling well today. 
Would you all like to come with me to take her some cookies?" 
Singing the Big Bad Wolf song.

"Mr. Woodcutter, will you protect us?"
A sign of the times:  all of my other woodcutters have used axes.

The first sighting of the Big Bad Wolf. 
That gray squirrel is scared!
And the big bird hiding in the back...teehee.

LRRH just finished telling the BBW
that she is nothing but a big bully.
(All of my BBWs, but one, have been much better
at this age.)
BBW singing her song of lament.
"I'm just a wolf, friends, a lonely wolf friends...I just want to play."
"Hey!  You're not my granddaughter. 
 What have you done with her you nasty old nuisance?"
They loved the word nuisance.
"Come in dear, Granny's been waiting for you."
Delivered in a believable old lady voice.
"But, Mr. Wolf, you scare people."

"I know I've been very bad, makes me sad...
No more nasty!"

"Granny, I'm sorry I frightened you.  Here sit in your chair
and have your cookies."

The BBW turns into a good wolf, learns some manners and they
all live together least for awhile.

And then they all had cookies and milk. 
Hardly any were left by the time I got out there,
so I am guessing that everyone got their fill.

I may be biased, but they were really good.  They glowed as everyone clapped for them. 
One mother made a point to thank me for all I had done for her son this year.   Aaahhh.

Luau tomorrow....


  1. Amazing AND you tell a great story!

    Nasty old nuisance - it has *me* giggling...

  2. I thought they did terrific too. I'm so amazed at how far they have come this year. I think sometimes kids are capable of so much more than we expect/give them credit for. I'm very proud of them. :D sniffle...

  3. Life is just one big fat party for you, woman. From the theater to a luau. And praise between. The world will deflate a little next week -

  4. Thanks, friends! It means a lot for the hard work to be noticed and appreciated. It is always a wonder to see how far they grow in a year. I loved the years I looped and got to keep them through their 1st grade year!

  5. You've made a lovely play into a lovely post! Happy Creative Friday!