Monday, June 20, 2011

Retirement Party: part 2-The Photos

Here we go...
The morning started with free Zumba for everyone in honor of Samantha and I...

Yes.  The one in the middle is the instructor!
(and the author of my retirement did read it, right?)

Then on to decorating.  It's a party.   Must have balloons...
Here they are escaping out of my car...

Safely grasped!

And tied to the fence to lead the way in.
The building in the back used to be the BOE building,
and both of us were hired in that building...full circle!

We went with a Metamorphosis theme and monarch butterflies are the ones that we raised each fall in our classroom. These butterflies were to write us a note and hang on the tree.
The tree has been part of our classroom for many many years.

We decorated it each season.
When we took it back to school after the party on Saturday, it got put in the main hallway. By the time I got there Monday morning it was gone...trash. sigh.
Maybe just as well, because I would have had trouble throwing it away myself...

These were the directions we left on every table
and most were followed very nicely!

Amy brought cupcakes. Connie and I made cupcake toppers that looked as good as the cupcakes tasted...if I do say so my own self.
Need any for a party????
We got milkweed seeds to pass out to everyone.
They had this note from us about our career in helping all those little ones "become"....
"For our entire careers, we have believed in, encouraged and witnessed the power and magic of transformation.  We have seen many 'caterpillars' turn into butterfles!
Plant these seeds, each of you, to encourage others
to BECOME all that they are meant to be. 
Think of us when you see a monarch..."
Finally, we both took a great school picture.
Good thing, since there won't be any more of those.
Beautiful magnolia's from Claudia's own yard.
Some of my most favorite "big kids"
who could have been anywhere on a Saturday,
but came to see us...awwww.

My most favorite teacher to be.
I feel good about leaving things in the hands of upcoming teachers like Jen.
Oh, and you can get a glimpse, over our shoulders, of the slide show that Connie put together.

And always remember:

And this, I believe, is the end of this blog.  Thanks for joining me in the joyful journey! 
Next up....Home Building Countdown!  Is that really retirement?
Love, Donna


  1. Thanks, Christine. So glad you got to be a part. Loving my CD and book and other treats!

  2. What a beautiful celebration! I love the butterfly theme! Here's to the next stage in you life!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Thanks, Debbie. I'm looking forward to what ever is next...home building should be fun, right?

  4. I stand next to the tirelady - and clap till my hands are stinging. It's such an honor to know you. You just blow me away.

  5. Thanks. I don't know what to say. Doing what God calls you to do just seems to be the right thing. Waiting for my next calling!

  6. Heh, that welcome note is pretty amusing. It's a great way to kick off what seems to be a wonderful retirement party. I hope you enjoy yourself with whatever plans you have in your life as a retired senior!

  7. Thanks, Frank. It was a fun party and now my husband and I are building our retirement's another blog....go have a look.