Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 Days! Random Thoughts

5 days with kids.  That's it.  Really it.  I want to tell a couple of stories just because I won't be collecting any more of these stories.
So, at recess sometimes, when a child needs a time out, they have to stand "on the wall" (leaning against the wall out of the way).  I like to stand "on the wall" when I am out for recess duty because I can lean and it is a little shady there.  One day I am standing there watching the kids, when a little guy who had been put "on the wall" to calm down, sidled up to my side, tapped me, looked up with huge amazed eyes and said, "Wow!  What did you do?"
Today it is very hot here and my room has one tiny window and no AC, so I wore a sleeveless dress and it made me remember this story.  One other warm spring day I was directing some song in the play we were rehearsing when one of the little hunka chunka boys looks at me aghast and says, "Oh!  Mrs. Lohr, your arms are really flappin'!"   Thanks.  I needed to hear that!  And you should have seen me trying to direct AND keep my arms glued to my sides.  I have just learned to love my flaps and direct the singing with flaps flying!
Just the other day while I was teaching a reading group and the writing group was working at the next table over, I start to hear a bit of a hubbub and look over to see two of my girls arguing about who has the most vowels in their names...complete with the attitude faces smirking at each other.  I just smiled.  Of all the things they could be arguing about...vowels work for me.
That same day, they were to choose a partner to practice reading a poem with and I look around to see two of my tough guys all snuggled up together practicing (and enjoying it) diligently together.

I will miss these stories.

One thing I will not miss is making decisions, large and small, all day long that effect other people.  I especially don't like it when someone asks me to make a decsion, I do, and then they go ask someone else when they didn't like the decision I made.  No, I will not miss making decisions.
I will not miss the chaos and confusion of trying to organize something for a school our size AND keeping everyone happy.  Really?  You need your planning period the penultimate day of school?

I still have 3 biggish events to get through:
Little Red Riding Hood - The Musical
Awards Day

I'll keep you posted!  I can't quite grasp the whole 5 days thing.


  1. Chaz has something like your quandary. Loving the idea of being out of school, but thinking of the seniors that will never be coming back to the school. These seams in our lives are so weird. Yes and no and please hurry and wait - it's moving too fast. Love the last five days. Love them. And on the sixth day, dance -

  2. FYI I had to look up penultimate because I just couldn't assume its definition based on context clues LOL
    AND--- ENJOY the remaining days!
    Just so you know, it's really cool reading your blogs when I'm only just beginning. . .helps me put things in perspective :)