Friday, June 3, 2011

2 Days Left: The Loo-ow

Yes, that is how many of them spelled it in their journals and I was happy to see how they were using what I had taught them and why isn't it spelled that way? And don't even get me started on words like eight, was, are....
Sorry for the side track.
Today the weather was perfect! Sunny and about 75 with a nice breeze. We started the day by learning a little hula dancing that even the boys did willingly. Just as well because I had a video clip of a master hula teacher who is a male!We divided into 4 groups and went about making merry....

A little low can you go????

A litttle clay crafting...swim fishy, swim.
They have to dry and we will paint them on Monday.

We made flower leis and got some from Anna's mom.
Very festive!

And the fruit kabobs they made to eat at the luau feast.

Our "chef" roasting the "pigs".

The table set up and ...

...the chow down.

And then we got out the water!
This is a favorite activity every year. I dump clear marbles into the water and they have to pick them up using only their toes. They hand them off to a partner who holds and counts for them. Then we switch. I do believe that some of them could use those toes for fingers if they needed to!
Next, the water balloons! We tossed several times and they got better and better. Anna was usually one of the last

The catch.

The toss.
The catch.
Did you notice the little guy beside her?

Ahhh...the delicious terror of it all!

So, the day ended with volcano cupcake snacks and a cute BackYardigans movie about a luau.
I am so tired.
I am going to bed.
Do I have 2 more days in me????

Oh, and once again, the teachers have as much fun as the students...

Everyone got their photo taken in front of the backdrop with the props...grass skirts for the girls and Hawaiian shirts for the boys...we made their photos into pins for them to wear.
Can you see how we made the piggies?  See their little legs?


  1. Yes. Yes you do. And when you are rested, I will gladly explain to you all about English spelling, as my parents paid big bucks for me to become a low high level expert on such things. I hope you all said A-LO-HA! at the end of the day?

  2. I'm sure the first grade teachers don't like it much, but I LOVE seeing how they think through their spelling. I have always loved living where Elizabethan English slips in the local voice now and again....
    Yes, I had to break up and near altercation about Aloha being hello and good-bye! The things they take to heart....

  3. Picking up submerged marbles with toes?! I can't get past that. I don't want to get past that. We're going to try it! See, you're an international teacher now.

  4. Perfect! I would love to be an international teacher...
    If you can get clear marbles it is even more fun! Much math can be had with this activity...and science! Let me know if you need lesson plans for any of this. :-)