Monday, August 23, 2010

Day is Done

What a great day! It went speedy fast even with the massivie amount of repetition that is needed the first day. They are just not really into "group" listening, I give the information to the "group" that doesn't realize it is a group and then go back and give it all again individually...usually.
Lots of routines practice that will hopefully pay off very soon. But the greatest part was that I taught them to read the first day! What a marvel it is when you realize how much influence you can have. I have a really cute and short poem that they memorize and "read". When I first told them that the most important thing about kindergarten was learning to read, their little faces fell..."I can't read."..."But, that's why you are here. I'm going to teach you right now." We spent almost 45 minutes working with the poem and letting them each "read" until we could do it all and they were thrilled. I got the principal to listen, Mrs. Bayles to listen and a couple of them even brought their mom's to the room to listen to them. And I sent a copy home with them to read. Ah. A great day! And I still have zumba to look forward to!
What a gift reading is....

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