Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun Friday

Yes, I know this is not Friday any longer, but Fun Friday was so much fun that I had to rest and then the computer ate the post I wrote in all of it's wisdom and brilliance, so now I am going to try to recreate it again.
I was reminded of a lesson learned long ago on Friday. Kids learn best when they are actively engaged. That should not be an "ah ha" moment really. But with all of the rules and regulations, testing and time lines that are heaped upon us these days it is hard to arrange for days like we had on Friday. It sounds like just a fun activity: we made applesauce...but it was so much more.
We learned the important strategy of using pictures when learning to read. I showed them the simple recipe written with out pictures and they could not read it. Then I drew the pictures and they could read it...that was an "ah ha" moment! We did sequencing. We learned about the importance of teamwork by reading a great book, Ten Apples Up on Top and working in small teams to get the apples ready to cook. We graphed the real apples they brought in and then transferred it to chart paper. We sequenced the recipe steps. We created cute apple art to hang from the ceiling. We went outside and tried to carry blocks on our heads as we walked about. We covered it all. And the kids, my usually slightly off task, entertaining themselves kids were attentive and involved. That is just an "ahhhh" moment.
Fun Fridays come once a week. This is another of those delicate dances in teaching (like bringing them from the Kingdom of Me to the World of We). Creating a way to play just enough by the "rules" and still teaching from the heart to the heart. Teaching is certainly much more of an art than a science.
Maybe we will have a Magical Monday...
What was a memorable moment for you in your schooling?

Getting ready to graph the apples they brought from home and then eat those things!

Hey! It smells good and is starting to look like applesauce.

Tasting the yummy applesauce!


  1. I wonder too much about my kids moments that I forget about my ahhh moments.
    I was in second grade, Mrs. Seese was my teacher. Reading was not my strong point so Mrs. Seese worked with me one on one during our lunch. We ate together, drew pictures together, and I learned to read. It's because of a teacher that I have the love for books and creativity. I felt special so I could become the we, because I could read just like everyone else.

  2. That's what I'm talking about. Mrs. Seese was one of my heroes as a young teacher. She just knew how to do it right...and was willing to share with me just like she did with you. Thanks so much for sharing that...

  3. Thanks, Autumn. I need to keep adding more and more. I think it makes the post more interesting, right?