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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week One

Are we looking like old school teachers yet? This was our last
first day!

Hello, friends.

It is with completely mixed feelings that I begin this journey. I am unsure of it's final outcome...praying. I know that I am ready to retire and am praying that God knows that, too. There is much that I still want to do. I will always be a teacher in some way...teaching art? teaching college? teaching privately? teaching myself new tricks? BUT...I have loved doing what I do for so long that doing something else will take some getting used to. I love the kids and the families that have touched me. I love seeing them grow up and make lives for themselves. is time.

Knowing that puts everything in a different light this year. A sort of bittersweet joyfulness. My best friend and teaching partner for many years is retiring with me. It is a time of "lasts".

We have had our last first day meetings (won't be missing that too much), our last home visits (had to have a mom talk us into her driveway, "Yeah, I see your car, turn right there into the field"), our last getting the room ready for the start of school(mine is a happy place). Monday will be my last first day with the kids.

I hope you will join me on the journey and chime in often.



  1. Oh, and I can do more creating and crafting...if I can get the cat to cooperate!

  2. hey, teachers, maybe you two will finally find time to visit me ;)

  3. Monika, that is exactly what I thought! Can't wait to see YOUR Slovenia!