Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Night Before Kindergarten

As I walked out the door....

My last can of name sticks...
and my last word board with my 1st board border.

I have spent the day getting ready. I have had many "lasts"...and there are always a few firsts . I have a plan to get us through the day with fun and laughs and learning...more planned than we will ever get through, I'm sure.
And now I don't want to leave even though it is almost 11:00pm...
I love the way it looks, but I also love walking into the space in the morning, so off I go.
Do you remember what was special about your first day of school? Tell me.
I do wonder how much I will miss this part. Maybe I could get a job just setting up other teacher's room for the first day! Now, that's an option....


  1. I remember pre-k in Buckhannon...I had a wonderful teacher and I remember we often had biscuits with honey for a snack (yum) and slept on our towels...all of us kids would try to be first to get closest to the gas stove in the winter. She had such patience and creativity...those were the days, when all you worried about was what was for snack and getting closest to the stove!!! I'm sure you've had such a wonderful impact on the lives of so many children!!! Enjoy your day today :)

  2. I remember crying - Can you imagine that? :D I also remember a little boy giving me a hug and telling me not to cry that he would be my friend. He was one of my dearest friends K-12th grade. I can remember how gentle and kind my teacher was. I hated nap time. Those were the days.
    I remember how excited and nervous I was on my kids first day of K, but going home knowing they were in good hands. You made their first day and everyday special! I know they will have wonderful memories of their time with you!!! Your a very special teacher, and you'll be greatly missed. You've been a special blessing, and I'm so glad we've become friends! Thank you!! We love you and hope you have a wonderful last year at KES! I look forward too many first with you, as you enjoy your retirement.

  3. Shawn and Lana, thanks for sharing your memories. I am old enough that kindergarten wasn't even invented yet. I went straight to 1st grade and loved my teacher. She was the "typical" teacher. Older, chubby, bun, long dresses, and as sweet and patient as could be. I loved all of my teachers....really.

  4. My brother thought he got to start kindergarten when I did. Needless to say, when I got on the bus and he didn't he decided then that he didn't want to go to school. I remember so much about kindergarten! I had Mrs. Goodrich and there are memories that rush back into my mind when I walk into her classroom now!

  5. Misty, my brothers always wanted to do what I was doing...stuff that I had waited a long time to be OLD enough to do...stuff like riding my bike on the hard top to the store to buy penny candy.