Friday, May 13, 2011

Fly Out, Cat In...Oh, NO! Cat Out, Fly In

So, a sure and certain sign of spring is flies in the house.  Well, spring has sprung and we have a giant big fly cruising around the house with 2 cats and a 90 pound dog in hot pursuit!  Can you say, chaos?  Not being one to just kill any bug, I decide to open the screen on the window that is a story above ground and let the poor giant buzzing thing out.  I shoo Skippy Jo Lohr (named after the kid's book kitty, Skippy John Jones and one of the cats in pursuit) away from the screenless window several times, but then I turn away for a moment and all I hear is SWOOSH!  Out he goes and lands on the little roof that covers the entrance to the garage.  I look out to see what happened and notice how lovely my little Japanese maple, blue blooming vines and day lillies to be look so I decide to take a picture...or seven.  Watch the adventure of Skippy Jo Lohr...well, this day's adventure!
See the pretty landscaping and the crazy cat.

Yes?  What can you possibly want?  I just got out here.

After 10 minutes of me hanging worriedly out the window...oh, and taking a few photos...he begins to think about his predicament.

Hmmmm.  Wonder if it will hurt much to land on the hood of the Jeep down there....

Oh.  Maybe I can jump up into the kitchen window. 
NO!  That window is not open and you will bounce off and fall down into the driveway.

OK.  Then how about if I just climb off here into the rhododendron where I always see those birdies hiding out...ummm, maybe I am a bit heavier than the birdies.  These branches don't seem all that sturdy to me.   And he did reach out and try a few.
Well, I suppose that I could go back in the window I came out.  That is just so much less adventurous.   
But she does keep calling me....

Hey!  Can't a guy get a little help here?
He could reach the window, but his back feet were just not touching.  So, I did finally put the camera down and drag him inside once again.

Who put this screen down?   Is my adventure over?  

And of course the fly is still buzzing all around the house!


  1. K...sorry your comment got lost. I had to retype the whole post...aaarrrggh!

  2. Oh, phooey. Okay. Mostly it was an observation about the wonderfulness/ludicrousness of cats. My first cat came home with me from a sleepover, much to the chagrin of my parents, for whom animals evidently didn't fit. Life was very neat and orderly in our house. Cats certainly put a kink in that. And then I said - Good Job waiting the story out till its very human end. And going for the camera instead of panicking and calling the Fire Department.

  3. Yeah, yeah...and then I said something about how I was always sneaking the barn cats home from my grandparents under my long as they were quiet!
    See? We could remember it all...mostly...we aren't over the hill yet!
    Thanks for recreating with me.

  4. You know. I have to laugh. Do we sound old? I mean, really. WHO WOULD GUESS WE WERE FLIPPING ANCIENT LADIES? I had to roll on the floor a couple of times years ago when I cared about contributing to group discussions (mostly religious) on Facebook. it would come out that I was, like, over fifty - and the dead silence on the other end, and then the ha ha stuff, like - you're lying, stuff - would start. Crack me up. One kid discounted me after that - but then, he was an idiot and really quite an embarrassment (because he was LDS) - and told me I was old as dirt so how would I know. I took a step back and solemnly, calmly addressed him as "grasshopper," and pointed out that, gosh, the president of our church is Old As DIrt, and so is his bishop, and so are his Young Men leaders, and let's see - his parents (who have lived long enough to make a living, but not evidently long enough to have put a brain in his head), and the President of the USA (it wasn't Obama) - and hmmmm. Right. None of them know anything either. He didn't say much after that.

    But I was just thinking about this - I actually sound MORE like my self than I could have at fourteen. But have managed to sidestep much need for dignity or formality, both of which fit me badly - but can be assumed. So I figure, yes - people reading us probably can tell we are older - but not because of our voices. But because we actually SAY things.

    Moment of self satisfaction now concluded.

  5. TeeHee. I have friends who are always saying to me, "Well, we certainly know how you feel about ......" Oh, isn't that what conversing is about? This is one of the reasons I could never be an administrator...
    I try to be nice...I pray about being nice...
    But, dang it, some people just need to be TOLD.
    I have gotten better about not having to tell everything...finding my peaceful place...believing that maybe it could be done another way than mine and still work out OK.
    I love having lived long enough to know things and have opinions. I'm even OK with my graying hair...sign of survival. Oh, and I KNOW I could never keep up with coloring it! :-)