Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Clouds, Glorious Clouds!

This was a 10 minute drive around town this evening about 7:30...ahhhhh, love these things!

                    From the top of the hill at Shangri La Ti Da...looking from the front yard.
From the same spot, but looking toward the backyard.  See our little "practice house"?
Driving out of the the left...

And to the right.  Our current home is pretty much right through those 2 trees on the right.

Black sky with sun trying to peak through.
Or blue sky.
 Nice enough shot out the window while driving.  Look at that underlayer of blue.
                                                Oh.  Gotta stop and get out, now.  Look right....
Look left.  Both taken from the same spot.
Our river, the mighty of the few in North America that flows north...up, full and heavy...a bit threatening.

OK.  Maybe it took more like 20 minutes with all the stopping to take the pictures and all.


  1. wow, its amazing how much the sky changed over such a short drive and period of time. Where you live looks beautiful, what stunning views

  2. Karen, as much as I love going other places to visit, I have always loved coming home to here. It is the kind of place that is especially beautiful in every season!

  3. Thanks. I am kind of impressed how nice a picture my little camera can manage sometimes.

  4. well, now you're just bragging. A sky like that AND trees AND rolling, green hills. AND being above the river. Just completely dancing around with a smug look on your mug. I have some clouds, too. And if I can swim up to the light, I'll post 'em. Lucky Dog. And within driving distance of ALL those nice courthouses.

  5. Yes. Wonder how you make a smug smile with the computer???? I do love living here. But, I also love seeing your snow covered mountains in all of your photos...I mean, really...all of them. They must be everywhere.

  6. Such cool clouds, Mother Nature is rather neat, cheers Marie